The Company

Belén Rubira    Actress, puppeteer and director. She studied Drama at Teatro de Cámara in Madrid, later on Circus and Commedia de’ll Arte in Italy. She has worked with several theater and puppet companies. In 2012 she began her solo career with the show Hambre Come , still on tour. En 2012 comienza su andadura en solitario con el espectáculo Hambre Come, Since then she’s been investigating with puppets, gestures and different materials, she has special fascination for miniatures and the relationship generated between the puppeter and the audience in intimate spaces. She has shown her work and collaborated with other artists in Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Romania, Chile and England among others.

Susana Carmona     Music, philosopher and doctor in Art History. She explores the sound from interpretation, creation, research, activism and teaching. She provides  sound creation workshops, and composes sound spaces and music for theater, dance and performances. She writes about music, politics and city. Along with Anouk Devillé she created, Cuidadoras de Sonidos, project dedicated to sound art and activism. She coordinates and organizes  Jane’s Walk in Madrid, since 2010.  And she knows so much about Luigi Nono.

Jose Sánchez Velázquez     Actor, puppeteer and stage designer (RESAD- 2008). With over 20 years experience, he has worked for many theater companies, the majority specialized in children’s shows. In addition to interpretting and manipulating puppets, he has always been linked to the implementation and construction of the works in which he has participated. He loves miniatures.

María Ruiz-Larrea    Actress, puppeteer and performer. She has worked with several theatre companies in Spain and Berlin and also in children workshops of Reina Sofía Museum (puppets and contemporary art). She is cofounder of the company Rotonda Teatro (Berlin 2009) and lives between Madrid and Berlin, via Cuba, Argentina and where the opportunity arises. She is the most traveler of the team.

Aaron Ziobrowski     Actor specializing in Commedia dell’Arte. He began studying drama at The University of Memphis and then La Scuola Internazionale Dell’Attore Comico, Antonio Fava. He has directed, written, and acted in shows in the United States, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. He is a founding member of the company The Gardeners Theater Company . He is soooo funny.